Digital Mobile Geofencing




  • Types of Geofencing: Geofencing tactics have evolved since the days of beacon technology.  Savvy marketers can now target in real time, re-target through mobile ID capture and even use “look back” windows to target users who were within a geofence in the past.  
  • These capabilities have re-shaped the way time and place can be leveraged. Using a look back window, for example, is a way to achieve scale from the first day of a campaign.
  • Mobile retargeting allows marketers to extend the conversation with prospects after they leave a geofence. Geofencing reaches on-the-go consumers as they enter or leave your ‘fence’.  Programmatic Advertising Geofencing technology increases the likelihood of your ads being served in a single or multiple location geofence with a radius as small as 25 feet.
  • Competitor Conquesting
  • Target Stores & Events
  • Mobile Capture and Retargeting
  •  Our Geofencing campaigns are able to track visitors who see your ad - then visit your location. No other ad technology provides this level of 1:1 attribution for measuring ROAS and campaign performance. Using our GeoConquesting tactics, we even track visitors who were at your competitors location - then visit your location. 

Digital Behavioral Marketing


  • Behavioral Advertising is about reaching customers during “Micro-Moments” that happen throughout the entire customer journey. Our industry-leading Behavioral Targeting solution drives traffic to your site by reaching and influencing audiences based on their interests and browsing behavior.
  • Tapping into consumer behaviors in near real-time is an efficient way to drive performance and improve your return on ad spend (ROAS). 
  • Our behavioral targeting technology gives you access to over 45 networks and ad exchanges giving you the advantage to serve your ad on millions of publishers across devices. 
  • We’re able to optimize for the most accurate and effective behavioral lists and segments, ensuring you find the audience that matters most to your business.Drive traffic to your website by reaching and influencing audiences based on their interests & browsing behavior. 
  • Programmatic Advertising  algorithms deliver your message to consumers who are interested in your product, or your competitor’s.
  • Target based on online behavior
  • Target based on store visitation
  • Brand/Event Promotions