Happy CLients and reviews



 Don  knows his market. His expertise in this area has helped me on several occasions. He is also a pleasure to work with. In the years that I have done business with him, I have always found him to be friendly, well informed and resourceful.  

Kelley Afghari: Senior Marketing Specialist at California Earthquake Authority. 

I worked with Don in  Ft. Smith- Fayetteville Arkansas for quite a few years. His work ethics are stellar, and attitude was always positive. He is great with clients and attempts to understand as much about each business he crosses paths with to help them best approach a sound marketing decision. I consider Don a great friend and business partner. 

Judy Wright: Marketing Specialist at Bee Creative Marketing.

 Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Don Young from PC Consulting and Marketing to discuss ways to improve my web presence. When you meet Don you are immediately impressed with his presentation and speaking skills, but when we sat down for a one to one meeting I saw his expertise shining brightly to help solve my challenges with his knowledge of the principals of marketing. He reviewed my website as a marketing professional, and also gave me a perspective from the view of a potential client. The time he spent with me was invaluable, and has helped me with both long and short term goals both for my business and my online marketing plan. I believe once I put some of his suggestions into place results will show up in my bottom line.  

 Jay Rowland , Riverside Mortgage 



We needed some help with SEO and Search Marketing. Don and his team began working with me in 2014 to develop a digital marketing campaign. Each time we met, they came up with innovative ideas for their creative campaigns, ideas for our website and to help increase and optimize our search results. The Display ad campaign they created was top-notch, and I was surprised by how quickly we were ready to get started! After the campaign launched, we noticed traffic to our website increased, but more importantly, we were getting more new patient inquiries-- a lot more!  The first month after we started, we double the amount of new patient inquiry forms, while the number of procedures performed by Dr. Vold increased five-fold! The great results continued in the second month, as our new patient consultation quota was met just half way through the month!  would recommend them to any business that wants to increase customer traffic and grow sales!

Christine Scarlett, Marketing and Business Director for Vold Vision in Northwest Arkansas. 

 Don  is a serious marketing expert with many years to back up his recommendations. We include Don in all our marketing decisions because we want a unified presence in the market and we trust that he will provide us unbiased recommendations based on OUR goals and budget. We like having that expert on OUR side who guides us. We've all come across the hard core advertising companies selling their services. Don is the buffer that says -- 30 seconds is much better than 60 seconds -- or -- have you considered doing THIS advertising for your company instead of THAT -- or -- remember that these colors don't mesh well and hurt your viewers eyes.... THAT kind of experience and expert feedback is why we include Don in everything we do. You should too! 

 Neil Crozier , NWA Car Clinic